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VAT Returns, credit control, company reports and expert book keeping.

We also offer self assessment, cost reduction analysis and full range of IT Services (through our sister company).

The company has been providing book keeping, credit control and accountancy since 2005 and the founder member has a wealth of practical financial management experience including industry recognised qualifications from the Association of Accounting Technicians.

VAT services by Elite Accountancy Services in Ilford, Essex
VAT services from Elite Accountancy Services, Ilford

VAT is one of the most complex forms of taxation and it is the legal responsibility of the business owner to accurately and timely, calculate and account for the taxes as and when they fall due. Penalties are severe if the returns are inaccurately computed or submitted late.The most common questions that a business has in understanding VAT legislations are:

  • Should I register for VAT?
  • How and when do I register for or deregister from VAT?
  • What VAT scheme should I adopt to account for VAT?

It is not compulsory to register for VAT unless your turnover exceeds a certain threshold. However you can voluntarily register if your turnover is below this threshold depending on the type of business and whether you are VAT payer or receiver. We provide an efficient cost effective VAT service, which includes:

  • Assistance with registration
  • Vat Recovery.
  • Supervision of VAT Inspections
  • Production of VAT Return

We help eliminate time spent tracking invoices and preparing VAT returns. We remove all the hassle, calculate the tax and let you know how much to pay or recover from HMRC. We advise on the proper set up of your business and changes in legislations so as to minimize your business liability.  A reliable and accurate bookkeeping system assists in accurately computing the Tax (VAT) as well as complete and submit the VAT return. We will take care of VAT returns for you. We will ensure that they are completed correctly so that you avoid any undue problems with HM Customs & Excise. We will also ensure that you are recovering the maximum possible amount of VAT that you are entitled to. Correctly managing VAT can be a minefield, VAT laws change frequently and it is vital to stay informed regarding such changes this is where we would come in, we would keep you informed on all matters of importance. If your company is VAT registered this service can be offered as an integral part of our standard book keeping service.

Bookkeeping by Elite Accounts in  IlfordHow much time are you spending working with your accounts and books, rather than increasing your business revenue?Wouldn’t you rather be spending such precious time analysing your financials, rather than data crunching? Wouldn’t you prefer peace of mind in knowing that your accounts are always up-to-date? Your book keeping can be completed weekly, monthly or even yearly, which ever is more convenient to the needs of your business. It’s time to outsource your accounting and bookkeeping to us. Book keeping services include:

  • Management Accounts
  • Invoices/Statements
  • Accounting Data Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Flow
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Month End Closing
  • Trial Balance
  • VAT Returns
  • Credit Control
  • Payroll

Credit Control services by Elite Accounts in IlfordIt is difficult for a small or medium sized business to justify the cost of employing a credit control specialist on a full time basis for the purpose of monitoring their credit control functions. Where Elite Accountancy Services are taking care of your book keeping, accounting and invoicing, why not consider using our credit control expertise. Despite clients agreeing to payment terms, late payment of invoices is a major problem and if not professionally managed, it can often result in major cash flow challenges.

Management Accounts by Elite Accountancy Services, IlfordWe can provide you with monthly or quarterly management accounts to show you how your business is performing. This would include an Income Statement, Balance sheet and cashflow statement.

We provide you with an annual statement of accounts to show you your business position as at your year end. This is done in a timely and accurate manner with minimal disruption to your business.

Self Assessment services by Elite Accountancy Services, IlfordMany taxpayers struggle to understand the complex tax returns and complete them correctly. Then one has the added headache of constant changes to tax legislation which means not only that the returns are becoming even more difficult to understand but also the taxpayers risk incurring more penalties through failing to complete their returns on time or correctly. We can save you a lot of time, worry and money by handling your self assessment for you and do all the necessary calculations and let you know your tax liability. We will also try and offer you advice on how you can minimize your tax liability if necessary.  We can act as your agent by dealing directly with the Inland Revenue and should you be selected for a self-assessment enquiry, act on your behalf.

Bookkeeping software gives owners of small businesses the tools to manage and really use their own books, as well as providing them with a clearer picture of how their business is performing – at the touch of a button.We can assist you with the procurement and installation of any software of your choice through the use of our in-house IT services division. 

Business IT Services by Elite Accountancy Services, IlfordIf you are having any issues with your PC Hardware or Accounts based software packages and need immediate support, then please do call us. Our in-house IT team may be able to help. All you need is a PC with a broadband based internet connection and we can connect to your machine remotely and guide you through the process. Please call us in the first instance to check availability.We can also arrange the full range of IT services for your business: both hardware procurement, installation and configuration and also software/website design, Online marketing and installation including all support aspects.